Laurenceau, Lyonel (1942�   )

215. 'Instinct Paternel
1998 (print:24x20)

215. 'Instinct Maternel'
1998 (print:24x20)
   Born in 1942, Laurenceau has lived and worked in Laval, just north of Montreal, Quebec, since the mid�1960s. The winner of numerous prizes � including one at the 1966 World's Fair � Laurenceau has exhibited in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean, throughout Latin America, and in the Far East.
   Laurenceau originals now command four� to five�figure prices. These prints were obtained for next�to�nothing in a November 2000 e�bay auction.

     Laurent, Joseph�Jean (1893�1976)

13. Two Women
c1974 (24x16)

   I won't pay what Laurent's paintings now command; but I've been kicking myself for most of the past quarter�century for not having bought others � or at least one more, a larger one � in the 1970s and early '80s, when his work was still priced reasonably.
   I have never seen a Laurent I didn't like: he was a first�class na�f with a unique two�dimensional touch.



     Lazard, Luckner (1928�98)

157. Sailboats_
c1996 (24x30)

     During his lifetime Lazard was among the most popular � and best�selling � Haitian artists. He's become even more sought�after since his death. Members of the Haitian elite, who often look down on na�fs, are especially fond of Lazard's work.
   Lazard worked at the Centre d'Art from 1945 to 1950, then studied in Paris and Mexico City. In 1956 he moved to New York City, where he lived and worked � with frequent visits to his homeland � until the mid�1980s.
   He won many prizes; has been exhibited throughout the world; and is represented in most important collections of Haitian art.

   Since I am partial to 'self-taughts,' works that aren't must have something special that appeals to me. I particularly like Lazard's designs and use of color,

240. Nature Morte
c1995 (20x16)

     Legros, Frantz (   �   )

34. Sc�ne rurale
c1974 (16x24)

Nothing known; just liked it.
   Well � not really. I'd just bought several paintings from a Port�au�Prince gallery. I saw this one and said 'It's cute.' The owner gave it to me. (I had probably not driven an especially good bargain on the others.)
   Forty years passed before I saw another work by Legros. Early in October 2014 a somewhat more accomplished piece was among 343 "Haitian Painting" items (not all paintings) on the website ETSY.

     Leonidas, Rony (   �   )

73. Cap�Haitian Gate
c1982 (24x20)

203. Sc�ne rurale
c1999 (20x24)

   Another of Philom� Obin's many students, Leonidas follows the master in his attention to detail. Of late his colors, have, however, become more vivid, less 'northern.'




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