Bottex, Jean–Baptiste (1918–78)


107. Musicians
1975 (12x10)

117. Scène rurale
1969  (20x24)

127. Village Well
1968 (30x40)

  The elder brother of Seymour–Etienne, Jean–Baptiste Bottex painted in a very different style. Most of his works are real–life scenes.
  The two Bottexes were born near Cap–Haitien and worked with Philomé Obin, though little influence of Obin's 'northern school' is evident in their work. The brothers later maintained an atelier of their own, training scores of artists.



    Bottex, Seymour–Etienne (1926–   )

168. Nude in Stream_
1988 (20x30)

   Known for its precise draftsmanship, careful use of color, and curved, arching lines, S–E Bottex's work is immediately recognizable.
   His themes range from religious and historical tableaux to scenes of daily life. He has been exhibited throughout the world and appears in most books on Haitian art.
   Another member of the massive and tragic Haitian diaspora, S–E Bottex has lived in New Jersey for many years.
   (My wife considers this painting pornographic. I hadn't noticed till she pointed it out.)

     Boursiquot, Jean–David (1947/49–   )

178. 'Mariage sur le pont'_
c1999 (20x24)

   Boursiquot, who's lived in South Florida for several years, hails from Jacmel, a lovely town on Haïti's southern coast. Painters from the Jacmel area — Préfête Duffaut and Pauleus Vital among them — are known for especially vivid colors. Boursiquot's palette is marked by lush vegetation.
   He began painting in his late teens under the tutelage of his close friend Philton LaTortue. Their styles are in no way similar.



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